MMM557R106, 3M MMM 557R106
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MMM557R106, 3M MMM 557R106

MMM 557R106 - 3M Scotch-Brite Toilet Bowl Scrubber Refills
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3M Toilet Cleaning System Refill, Disposable Cleaning Heads, BE - Powerful scrubber refill is designed to keep the Scotch-Brite Toilet Bowl Scrubber scrubbing. Scrubber with built-in bleach delivers all-in-one cleaning that leaves a fresh scent. Uniquely shaped head provides nonscratch cleaning and fits under the rim. Cleaning heads easily attach to the included handle. Water turns blue, indicating the cleaning chemical and bleach have been activated. After use, dispose of the cleaning head in waste receptacle so you store the handle (sold separately) and not the mess.
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